Q. How many sizes are available? 
A. Over 600 sizes and shapes are available. If we do not have the one that you are looking for a new mould can be created.     
Q. What is the MOQ (minimum order quantity)? 
A. There is a minimum order quantity of 2,000 sheets per run. Depending on the size of the tin the MOQ is approx 5000 for an average size tin and for a small tin the minimum is 10,000 pcs. 
For PMS colour printing a minimum quantity of 2000 sheets applies.
For plain Silver or Gold tins a minimum order of 3000 pcs.     
Q.  How long does it take to get a quotation? 
A. Usually within 24-48 hours for an FOB quotation.
For CIF & FIS we need to calculate the cubic measurements and obtain up to date shipping charges so this quotation may take up to 48hours+.     
Q. Is there a charge to create a new Tin mould? 
A. There is no charge if the order exceeds 100,000 units.
New mould charges can be vary depending on the size & shape.     
Q.  How long does it take to produce a new mould? 
A. New mould tooling takes approximately 20- 30 days     
Q.  Is there a charge to create a new plastic or rubber mould for special tins? 
A. Yes there is depending on size and shape.     
Q. How long does it take to make a plastic or rubber mould. 
A. The plastic and rubber mould are sourced from another factory and it can take up to 30-45 days to produce a mould. These moulds cannot be tooled until the tin mould is complete.     
Q.  What is the estimated lead time for production? 
A. A. After handmade samples are approved the following lead times apply:- Peak Production: May-November (60 days) 
Off-Peak Production: December-April (30days)     
Q.  How long is the shipping time? 
A. A. Approximately 12-18 days to Australia (Sydney, Melbourne) 
(allow 2 days customs clearance).     
Q. Can the tins be embossed or debossed? 
A. A. Various areas of the tins can be embossed (raised) or debossed (lowered). First an embossing mould has to be produced which take15- 30 days. 2D and 3D embossing are also available.     
Q. Are the tins food safe? 
A. A. Yes, we use lead-free ink in our lithographic process which complies with the US FDA requirements. Independent laboratory tests can be provided on request.     
Q. What additional charges are involved? 
A. Colour separation. 
Handmade samples. 
International courier costs.     
Q. What is the preferred file format for artwork? 
A. Artwork can be provided on CD, film or uploaded directly onto your FTP site which will then be downloaded by our factory once you have provided us with your site name and password.     
Q.  Do we get to view a paperproof or sample prior to production? 
A. Paperproofs can be provided within 7 days and are the cheapest and easiest way to approve the artwork. 
Flat Tin Proof : This may take up to 10 days for a sample and costs apply.  
Handmade Samples: These can be provided on request. Production time is up to 14 days and costs apply. If embossing is required allow 20 days for samples.